Email the pdf file from C# process does not work

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Email the pdf file from C# process does not work

Hi Everyone,

I created a pdf report with ITextSharp and  use C# process to open that pdf file.
Everything is working except when I tried to click the Email button on Acrobat reader version XI, it asked me to what email do I want to use, after choosing the email (outlook), the Pdf document was  locked for a few minutes any nothing happened.

If I open the pdf file manually ( not through C# Process ) then when ever I click the  email button, it
works.Here are my c# codes to open the report just created  and open in Acrobat

 var process = new Process();
 var report = new ValidationReport(data);
 var reportFileName = report.CreateReport("Monthly Report", WindowsIdentity.GetCurrent().Name);
 process.StartInfo.FileName = "AcroRd32.exe";
 process.StartInfo.Arguments = reportFileName;

Any idea how to make this work?