Report renders blank pages (sometimes)

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Report renders blank pages (sometimes)

Our software creates PDF Reports that are between 20 and 50 pages or more in length.

Most of the time this works correctly, but occasionally a user creates a report and downloads and all the pages are blank.

The really strange thing is the file size is the same as if the report had been created.

We noticed sometimes this happens if a user clicks on the 'Report Tab' while it is still downloading (a little tab at the bottom of Chrome).

If I recreate the same report, it works the next time so I don't believe this is any problems in our code.

I am using C# / MVC.

My second thought for a workaround fix is for me to download and test if there is any text in the report. Is there a way to read the text from the first page?

If yes, I can add a loop to download the report, test it and if it has a problem, create the report again.

Is this a known issue?

Thanks for any information as I get the email to go fix it each time it doesn't work because a user can't create the report twice, so this slows down my other 999 items on my to do list (I am currently on #3).